Ingrid Groiss

Weinviertel, Austria

The Story

We all know when we’ve met an old soul in a young body. Somehow, Ingrid is able to channel the energy of a young school girl and at the same time that of her overly active grandmother, to whom she gives gratitude for the existence of the family estate. Her grandmother kept alive vineyards that sit in the Weinviertel, just a stone throw away from the Czech Republic. The wines that Ingrid makes have the same vitality of both personas, the energy of youth and the wip-like intelligence and experience of a woman who has seen nearly the entire 20th century and remained an optimist about it all. The wines elegantly shine with savory herbs, early summer fruits and spices that sit on a mountain of texture and dense acidity. Ingrid is also very good in the kitchen and the wines from cellar are clearly made with the same love.

Lay of the Land

Weinviertal, which literally means “wine quarter”, is Austria’s largest wine region. It is situated at the far northeastern part of Austria, bordering the Czech Republic in the north and Slovakia to the east. It is best known not only for its beauty and neatly laid out villages and vineyards, but for the hundreds of meters of cellars that run underground called “Kellergrassen”. Here Gruner Veltliner is king and is characterized by its zesty flavor and tart acidity. This recognizable quality has become region-typical and only those winemakers that produce a Gruner of this style can apply for the Weinviertal DAC. Due to the immensity of this region, climatic influences and geological compositions vary drastically.