These wines were a random discovery for us. Driving through Provence just to get a feel for the region in all parts, I fell upon this place. I entered a massive tasting room that was owned by Chateau Rouet, a famous rosé producer in Provence, and after some time, the conversation about this wine came up. It is a second label for them that comes from an area that has a cool climate and makes wines very fresh and friendly. I tried to do everything I could while I tasted the wine to try not to import it; I couldn’t find any reasons. All three wines, red, white and rosé, were undeniably great for the price. They won’t change your life but you’ll be hard pressed to find something in this category with this price that can surpass this little gem.

Settled in the heart of Frejus, Provence, Les Teres’ beautiful vineyards are surrounded by forest and protected from the northern winds by the red rock mountains of Esterel. The estate has a few hectares of noble varietals planted on red sandstone and volcanic rock that is representative of the archetypal terroir of Frejus. At only 15 km from the sea, the vineyards benefit from the cool air that flows in from the Mediterranean.