Simon Bize - 2011 Bourgogne Rouge, ” Les Perrieres”

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Size: 750ml

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Type of Wine: Red
Style: Medium Body, Elegant and Aromatic

Inside the Bottle:  This is a wine built around aroma and structure.  It is hard to describe without referencing specific terroir components and how they have influenced its character.

Located far above Savigny-les-Beaune, this vineyard sits on a plateau. Strangely, in other high elevation sites, there is usually a good dose of organic matter but usually a lack of rich clay topsoil. That is not the case with Les Perrieres.  All it takes is a drive up to the top of the hill on a rainy day to feel the richness of the soil here, as it sticks to your shoes like tar.  This soil imparts its deep, weighty mid-palate and strong finish. The high elevation gives the wine tense fruit and racy acidity.

Many years ago, Patrick told me that he picks this vineyard between two and three weeks after he picks his last vines on the Cote d’Or. The high elevation, lengthy development on the vine and surrounding forest provide an ideal location for a wine that is built on its structure, earthiness and savoriness. Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of pleasure here, but this show-stopping Bourgogne is serious wine and deserves its name on the label.