David Croix Beaune Les Centes Vignes

David Croix - 2013 Beaune, 1er Cru Les Cent Vignes

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Size: 750ml

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Type of Wine: Red
Style: Medium Body, Elegant and Aromatic

One of the most compelling qualities about David is his directness. He answers all questions with honest answers, no candy-coating, no embellishment. His wines have similar qualities; they're honest and direct. Respectful. There's only beauty coming from the wines made from this estate. And joy—the joy of realizing possibilities.

The Beaune 1er Cru Cents Vignes is a great example. Located on the bottom of the Beaune's slope, its deeper soils provide a certain fleshiness and affability. Perhaps the most forward and seductive of his Beaune 1er Crus, it may open up slowly over 15-30 minutes, but gathers force in the glass as its complexities emerge. Gentle purple berry flavors intertwine with ever-present earthy and savory notes, crowned with layers of floral high tones that recall the wildflowers one sees in his vineyards in springtime. This is the best of his Beaunes to drink young. David teases it for its early availability, suggesting a lack of profundity, but we don't see it like that. There's only beauty here.