Clos de la Rue

Château de Brézé - 2015 Saumur Blanc, ‘Clos de la Rue’

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Size: 750ml

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Type of Wine: White
Style: High acid, Mineral

About The Wine

Inside the bottle: If you’ve ever wondered what a wine “fit for a king” might taste like, this is it. More precisely, imagine a medieval king reincarnated as a wine. The thoughtful, humble first glass might lead you to question the wine’s fitness for the throne. But by the second glass, there’s no mistaking the mighty monarch as he storms through the doors and claims his dominion. The Clos de la Rue is dynamic and extroverted, parading intimidating strength that triggers responses somewhere between respect, fealty, and extreme gusto. It smells and tastes like wine spun from gold and can send shivers down your spine.

So what does this wine really taste like? Hard to pin down, but let’s just say gold, fairy dust, victory, and prosperity. Okay, and sweet limestone, river rocks, the smell of powdered sugar, ripe citrus, and sheer pleasure. If we had to drink this wine every day of our lives, we would be content to do so.

Terroir: Clos de la Rue is the most warm vineyard on this chilly hill and is reasonably insulated from the heavy gusts of wind that circle it. If you were to look at a thermal graph of average temperatures (which there is!) you would see a perfectly long rectangle that would show the most warm color from the key. The soil is sandy limestone on top, 25 centimeters down you find clay and then another 10 centimeters further, tuffeau limestone. The clay and warmth make this wine’s dimensions powerful and unmatched on the hill by no other than perhaps Romain Guiberteau’s Clos de Carmes.