Chablis, Grand Cru Valmur

Domaine Collet - 2016 Chablis, Grand Cru Valmur

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Size: 750ml

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Type of Wine: White
Style: Mineral, Medium Body

About The Wine

Inside the bottle: Collet’s Valmur is a true Grand Cru in every sense. It is nesteled high up on the slope and facing slightly northwest. It has everything that it needs: Portlandian stone, Kimmeridgian stone, marne, clay and a cold edge from the height and aspect. The wine has lines of complexity that are adorned with minerality and nuance. It is impossible to mistake this wine as anything but a Grand Cru Chablis because of its sheer mid and back-palate weight and finish. Its dynamic mineral impressions shine with the clarity of a perfectly cut jewel. Sadly, the Collet’s own only half of a hectare and the quantities are very limited.

Terroir: Valmur is a curious terroir. It runs the length of the Grand Cru slope from top to bottom but about halfway up the hill it makes for two completely different aspects for the vines; one facing southwest and one facing northwest. The Collet’s parcel sits on the Northwest face, an asset regarding climate change and warmer vintages.

The soils follow suit with the rest of the Grand Crus with a dominant portion of Portlandian scree within eyesight as well as Kimmeridgian stones in the mix. The topsoils are generally quite deep on the hill, which give it the girth and richness that can be pretty easy to pick out in a blind tasting once you figure out your have Chablis in your glass. The older vines are able to reach the Kimmeridgian mother rock that sits deeply below, which could, in theory, encourage wines made from younger vines to lead with pure energy and less complexity.