Fabio Zambolin - 2016 Coste della Sesia, Rosso, ‘Feldo’

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Size: 750ml

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This item will be released on June 11th, 2019
Type of Wine: Red
Style: Rich, Rustic

Despite being named after Fabio’s mild-mannered grandfather, Feldo is a blend of ancient Piedmont red grapes and is the ultimate party wine for an Italian feast. It has gobs of festive aromas and flavors (at least compared to other wines in an area known for producing a more solemn and strict expression), with not a single dash of pretension—it’s well-made Northern Italian glou glou. Its rustic, playful flavors evoke those of an ancient Italian culture and are perfect for full-flavored food, like cured hams, braised meats, pasta and pizza.

There’s a lot of seriousness tucked in there too—no surprise considering the perfectionism with which these guys farm their vineyards and work in the cellar. They are technical and focused, and work to inspire with what little grapes they harvest each year.

Feldo is a blend of 50% Nebbiolo (the serious side), 25% Croatina (the rustic barbarian) and 25% Vespolina (one of Nebbiolo’s rough around the edges parents). They’re thrown into the fermentation vat together for more than three weeks, then pressed and raised in old 225 liter barrels for a year. One of the reasons why this wine is so fun the moment the cork is pulled is that Fabio uses SO2 sparingly (only 30ppm at bottling), allowing the wine to immediately show off, without any reservations.

La Vignetta, an almost seventy-year-old one-acre vineyard entirely within the Lessona appellation, is on very sandy soil with about 25% clay and limestone (the latter being a very unusual geological formation in these parts, and more akin to soils further south in Piedmont's Langhe wine region). This soil combination contributes lift to the aroma (the sand’s contribution) and suppleness to the palate (the clay and limestone’s). Once the cork is popped it’s no wonder that these guys love making and drinking this wine.