Domaine Christophe et fils - 2016 Petit Chablis

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Size: 750ml

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Type of Wine: White
Style: High acid, Mineral

Inside the bottle: This wine has been one of my favorite wines to blind taste wine professionals on. The aromas of flint, sweet preserved lemon, wet stone and sweet and dry herbs are a clear sign of the region and the Chardonnay grape. The nose is equally full and dynamic as the palate. The palate is usually where people fail to recognize this “lesser” appellation because this wine is full-throttle and endowed with body and cut like a great premier cru from the right bank of Serein, or dare I say a Grand Cru? Concerning Petit Chablis, this as about as good as it gets.

Terroir: If one were to taste this wine blind, it wouldn't be a surprise if a good taster ended up on this side of the river. This Petit Chablis comes from a few parcels located on the plateau of Portlandian limestone that sits just above the Grand Cru slope and the great vineyard, Montée de Tonnerre. Not surprisingly, many good tasters mix it up with those wines because those hills share a similar limestone rock, Portlandian, which dominates the stone count on those two hills. Of course, there is Kimmeridgian stone on the Grand Cru sites as well as the MdT, but they are simply outnumbered by this “lesser” stone that is the “roche mare” of the Petit Chablis.