Chablis, 1er Cru Fourchaume

Domaine Christophe et fils - 2017 Chablis, 1er Cru Fourchaume Magnum

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Size: 1500ml

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Type of Wine: White
Style: High acid, Mineral

About The Wine

Fourchaume is the most muscular wine in the range of Sebastien’s premier cru Chablis. Deeply texture in the nose and the palate, the wine shows grit and dense, mineral impressions. This is one of the great premier crus on the right bank of the Serein river and is located just north of the Grand Cru vineyards.

The west face of Fourchaume nearly picks up where they left off, save the large valley that eroded and separated them creating a section that faces south. The general hill structure of Fourchaume has Village level wines located at the base of most of the western slope, and above them sits the 1er Cru vines.

Sebastien’s Fourchaume vines planted by his uncle in 1981 are located in the lieu-dit, Côte de Fontenay, and situated on a perfect south face toward the bottom of the hill and next to the road, at an altitude of about 120-130 meters. This position lends the advantage of easier ripeness in colder years, while also being exposed to winds from both the north and east. By sight, the topsoil Kimmeridgian marls (unusually hard here by comparison to other areas of Chablis—which we know because we’ve smashed them with mallets while on tour with Brenna Quigley, our resident consulting geologist) and Portlandian limestone are slightly more rounded, demonstrating that much of the topsoil has a good amount of alluvium brought in long ago either by the Serein or the Fontenay Valley. Under the topsoil the Kimmeridgian marl bedrock is present as it is in all the great vineyards of Chablis.

This wine is naturally fermented in a mixture of 20% 228-liter oak barrels (new, 1, 2, 3 year old barrels; total new wood for the entire wine is 7%) and stainless steel. Malolactic fermentation is completed in all of Christophe’s wines and bottling takes place after twelve months. It’s fined with bentonite (a natural clay) and filtered with diatomaceous earth (fossilized sedimentary algae with a silaceous skeleton).