Cantina Madonna delle Grazie - 2017 Leuconoe

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Size: 750ml

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Type of Wine: White
Style: Mineral, Elegant and Aromatic

You simply won’t believe it until you drink it. This whole-cluster pressed Aglianico white (yes, that deeply hued red grape with tons of tannin and acidity) is as unusual as it is special.

Red grapes generally rely on their skins for a wine’s complexity, color, and flavor. Not every red grape can make good rosé, let alone good white wine. Yet, even the greatest of red varieties would have a tremendous challenge in matching the complexity of this white, offering shocking evidence of how much talent Aglianico harbors within its skins. I have never tasted a blanc de noir still wine with so many layers of complexity, from the highest-toned stinging acidity, to a back palate of nectar from the season’s first stone fruits. Honey and spice are joined by a gentle hint of the beguiling smoke aroma typical in Italian wines from volcanic soils. A sublime gem of an experiment!

Located 500 meters above sea level, this whole-cluster pressed Aglianico (just confirming it for you a second time…) is fermented with natural yeasts at somewhat low temperatures (15-18 degrees Celsius). There is no malolactic fermentation or time in oak, just the purest fruit juice fermented into wine. If you like surprises, get ready to be blown away.