Emmanuelle Mellot Dans le miroir

Emmanuelle Mellot - 2017 Pouilly-Fumé “Dans le Miroir”

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Size: 750ml

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Type of Wine: White
Style: High acid, Mineral

About The Wine

Charming and ethereal, this mineral bomb is grown by one of Emmanuelle’s winery partners who works closely with her brother, Alphonse Mellot (Jr). The grower employs Mellot’s complete direction in organic methods and treatments but does not carry organic certification. It’s a blend of different sites with a bedrock constitution of approximately 50% chert (flint/silex), 25% on Kimmeridgian limestone marl (a stone composed of lithified miniature oyster-like fossils mixed with clay, sand or silt) and 25% “plaquettes de Villiers” (a very soft limestone) and clay topsoil with a lot of stones. The plaquettes are very well drained limestone bedrock (not always a specific quality of all limestone), which encourages earlier maturation of the grapes when compared to the chert and limestone marl soils.

Luckily for everyone, the grapes are vinified and aged in the Mellot family winery by Alphonse, a master technician of wine crafting. To avoid oxidation and reduce the level of added sulfites, the hand harvested grapes are pressed in an inert gas pneumatic press. The first sulfite addition is made in the grape must before primary fermentation. The yeast used for fermentation is cultured from the Mellot family’s grapes (again, what I would call a pseudo natural yeast ferment) and the aging takes place in 600-liter old French oak barrels (1/3) and stainless steel (2/3). The wine is aged for seven months and then blended and rested for two to three months before bottling.