Coursodon Le Paradis Saint Pierre

Domaine Coursodon - 2017 Saint Joseph Rouge, Le Paradis Saint Pierre

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Size: 750ml

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This item will be released on June 18th, 2019
Type of Wine: Red

About The Wine

Inside the bottle: Recently we learned that Jerome Coursodon doesn’t have much tolerance for bitterness in his wines, so they are picked ripe enough to avoid bitter seed and skin tannins. The result is fully manifested in this wine which is filled with ripe red and black fruits that are pushed to the limit while staying fresh and bright. This wine keeps half of its stems, which contribute to the vast array of complexities that are found inside this beast. The wine’s ripeness opens up a new level of exotic fruit aromas that comfortably rest next its salty, iodine and aged meat aromas. On the palate, it is fully present in every corner of your mouth and finishes with an enviable length of sweet tannins. A famous critic named the 2010 version of this wine recently one of the finest St. Josephs I have ever tasted. We don’t put stock into what the critics say, but we are not surprised.

Terroir: The vines for this wine come from the terroir that this appellation was named after, St. Joseph, as well as the Paradis lieu-dit. Sitting on pure granite and gneiss, these 80+ year-old vines deliver grapes of immeasurable complexity and depth. It is an intimidating car ride to get to the top as it looks like you are driving on air on certain parts of the climb. Once you get to the top, you cannot see the bottom of the hill but can only imagine falling down it to get there. There is no doubt that this hill has a few souls resting on it.