Clos Mazurique

Château de Brézé - 2017 Saumur Rouge ‘Clos Mazurique’

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Size: 750ml

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Type of Wine: Red
Style: Mineral, Medium Body

About The Wine

Inside the Bottle: There are few wines in the world that carry this level of class, sophistication and low price. Straight out of the gates this Cabernet Franc overflows with perfumes of red and dark cherry, persian mulberry, persimmon, mandarin orange, strongly-scented red and white flowers, gravel, wet forest and minerals. Yes, this little guy is extremely complex!

In young red wines, tannin usually leads the structural elements, but if it’s from the hill of Brézé, acidity is first in the pecking order. Clos Mazurique’s single pump over each day during its short fermentation encourages its acidity to shine even more. In the palate, it feels as much like a white as it does a red, only laced with sappy, glycerol red nuances -Nice combo! It finishes with a soft, graphite-like texture that rounds out the mouthfeel, which only adds to the charm of this finely cut gem.

Terroir: Only 35 centimeters of sand and clay sit above the tuffeau limestone of the Clos Mazurique. Scattered on the topsoil are orange silex stones (deposited thousands of years ago by flooding) helps to keep the heat into the summer nights. The cooler winds on this west-facing vineyard keep the temperature low, one of the many reasons why this wine is straight and mineral.