Pas de l Escalette Ze Cinsault

Pas de L’Escalette - 2017 Ze Cinsault Rouge

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Size: 750ml

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Type of Wine: Red
Style: Rich, Elegant and Aromatic

Cinsault is a profoundly underrated grape, probably due to how graceful it can be compared to some of Southern France’s headliner grapes known to produce tremendously powerful wines, such as Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre and Carignan. Slowly the market continues to come out of the age of extraction, making way for grapes of a more delicate and youthful nature that aren’t up to the task of producing weight and power for big points and wow factor. Cinsault is often blended in as a substantial proportion of many rosés from the south because of its natural affinity for leading with a charming personality of lifted, sweet red fruit and flower aromas—I’m not talking about your grandma’s perfume flowers, but the gorgeous sweet kind that smell of love and passion, not friendship and family members… Many still don’t take it seriously as a grape worthy of standing in the limelight alone, but we’re not in agreement with that camp, and neither are Julien and Delphine, from Escalette.

Elegance is indeed to be found here with this wine made entirely of Cinsault, but with the first sniff and taste you may clear your throat and sit up a little straighter; this beauty is serious stuff, as intellectual as it is pretty.

After a savory start of abundant autumnal smells and tastes propped up with a well of red fruits the wine begins a relentless ascent toward the sky that only ends with the last sip. Like a rocket ship shedding the weight of its heavy boosters, the high tones and bright soft strikingly fresh red fruits break through the atmosphere and begin to flutter weightlessly in the glass. A complete metamorphosis from power and thrust to wiry tension, lift and sublime elegance takes time and is worth waiting for. While it has enough to impress in the first hour after being open, the main event comes at the beginning of hour three; forget your friends, save this one for date night.

The details: Like all of Escalette’s vineyards, these grown on limestone and clay. The vines were planted in the late 70s/early 80s and the grapes are completely destemmed for the fermentation. After its three-week fermentation is spends 14-16 months in old 500 liter barrels. The bottling is made without filtration and the first (and only) sulfite addition is made just prior to bottling—the total SO2 is less than 30mg/l (or 30 parts per million).