The hardest part of ordering wine?
Making a choice!
Join a wine club, simplify your life.

Our Wine Clubs

We devote our lives to searching out the world's most compelling wines—wines which brilliantly embody our standards of character, distinctiveness, ethics, and pure deliciousness. We'd love for you to try every one, but since that’s unlikely, we’ve created a few clubs to allow you to sample our best, most representative wines at a variety of tiers. Whether you're seeking great values or simply want access to our most highly sought bottles, we have the club for you. Join today to receive our passionately curated wines delivered to your front door every month.

Standards of our Wine Clubs

• Wines are produced at the highest caliber of farming and winemaking, often organic or biodynamic.
• Honest, terroir-driven wines from family-run estates.
• Selections are based on our own passions and enthusiasms that showcase our very best!

Clubs Perks

• Newsletter with in-depth information on each wine
• After the first month, subscribers will receive the added benefit of 10% off all website purchases for as long as they remain members of a wine club.
• First dibs on our special offers for rare products

Inside Source Club

2-3 Bottles/Month

May be whites, reds, or other  appropriate to each month’s deeper theme

(plus tax and shipping)

Wine geeks, get ready. If you not only love wine, but enjoy delving into the intricacies behind its winemaking, farming, and terroir, this is the club for you. Every month, we select highly distinctive wines, expressive of something deeper, beyond grape variety and style. This is the club for explorers, those who want to dive deeper into place, culture, and technique.

Cru Club

2-3 Rare Bottles/Month

Can be whites or reds, specializing in our best Burgundies

(plus tax and shipping)

The Cru Club is simple: Receive a careful selection of our most highly allocated wines—usually Burgundies—each month. Club members will have access to additional offers of our most highly sought wines, as well as ‘first dibs’ on our rarest wines, as soon as we secure them. The Cru Club ensures you’ll never miss out on the best we have to offer.