David Moreau


The young David Moreau is definitely one to watch. He is young, talented and open-minded about what he is doing. He had a tough go at it early with his grandfather, whom he worked with straight out of enology school in the family vineyards in Santenay. He left the family estate to broaden his horizons at other domaines, like Hubert Lamy, with Olivier Lamy! After some time he received a message from his grandmother telling him that if he’d like to take over the estate, now would be the time as his grandfather was going to retire and either sell it or pass it on to him. David accepted on one condition: that he have complete control over what happens at the estate. The answer was yes and the rest will be written in the history books. Immediately the conversion to organic farming began as well as more strict practices in the cellar. What is happening here is already on its way to being something special.

Lay Of The Land

Historically known for its natural hot springs, this charming “spa-town” makes up the southern end of the Côte de Beaune. The reds from Pinot Noir are the most important in the appellation, making up 75% of the production, with white wine from Chardonnay making up the rest. A relatively new appellation, recognized in 1970, combined with the skyrocketing prices in the Côte d’Or, Santenay is beginning to make a name for itself as a good quality, better-valued Burgundy.